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The Nature of Forgetting with Theatre Re

The Nature of Forgetting will be part of the 2017 British Council Showcase at the Edinburgh Festival. Other 2017 performances include Latitude Festival and the London International Mime Festival.

To forget is to be unable to remember. It implies the loss of accessibility to a memory. It does not have to mean that the information is lost.

Tom is 55, today. As he dresses for his party, tangled threads of disappearing memories spark him into life, unravelling as a tale of friendship, love and guilt.

Inspired by the work of theatre director Tadeusz Kantor, recent neurobiological research and interviews with people living with dementia, The Nature of Forgetting is a powerful, haunting and beautiful theatre piece about the inability to recollect a life and what is left when memory is gone…

There is something, way down deep that’s eternal about every human being… And that’s what’s left when memory is gone
Thornton Wilder – In Our Town

About Theatre Re:
Established in 2009, Theatre Re is a London-based international ensemble creating thought-provoking, tangible and poignant work. Its shows examine fragile human conditions, in a compelling, physical style embracing mime and theatre. Previous productions have toured widely following successful Edinburgh Fringe seasons.

Conceived and Directed by Guillaume Pigé
Devised by the Company

Performers & Musicians – Matthew Austin, Alex Judd, Keiran Pearson,
Guillaume Pigé, Eyglo Thorgeirsdottir, Louise Wilcox

Original Music – Alex Judd
Lighting Designer – Katherine Graham
Costume & Prop Designer – Malik Ibheis
Dramaturg – A.C. Smith
Scientific Collaborator – Professor Kate Jeffery
External Curator – Andrew Visnevski
Assistant Producer – Bevin Ng
Set & Props maker – Tim Highman, Andres Velasquez

Devising cast: Matthew Austin, Malik Ibheis, Chris Jones, Alex Judd, Keiran Pearson, Guillaume Pigé, Eyglo Thorgeirsdottir, Andres Velasquez, Louise Wilcox.


Latitude Festival – July 2017

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, British Council Showcase – August 2017

Previous performances:

London International Mime Festival @ Shoreditch Town Hall
18-20 January 2017 @ 8pm (Post-show discussion on 19 January 2017)


Edinburgh: https://www.pleasance.co.uk/event/nature-forgetting#overview

Image: Richard Davenport

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